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Hi Friends, my name is Sunil Chaudhary. I have been teaching English for the last 19 years. So, since 2002. I am an MBA IS and MA English.

I have worked with corporates like Aegis BPO, IBM Daksh, Mercer India, Fidelity Investments as Content Writer, Data Analyst, etc. All these are Fortune 500 companies of the world. So, you can understand what kind of experience I have in terms of clearing interviews and grabbing a job. Not only this, you need to understand that the skills required to work efficiently in these firms. I would love to share all of my knowledge with eager students.

I have been teaching full-time since 2014. Apart from this, I am running a successful company called JustBaazaar. I love to teach and motivate the people who are seeking a great future ahead.

Well, this is for the people who are eager to learn, put effort, and complete the assignments, I give.

See you in my first class on July 7 at 8 am.

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TAMS Studies

English Language | SEO | Digital Marketing | Business Automation

Want to learn English and want to be prepared for a better future. We do not teach only world-class English Language in Aligarh but also equip you with the latest techs and methods to do your job or business better.

These are the changing times and you must prepare yourself well to win going onward.

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Why is the proper study of English Language necessary?

English is a global language. It is the only language that can connect you with the maximum number of people across the world. Not only this, English is now a very prominent language in India too. Most of the government and private official communications are happening only in the English Language.

Maximum interviews happen in the English Language. Job seekers prepare their resumes in the English Language.

Marketing materials, brochures, newsletters, and many more such documents are prepared in the English Language.

Moreover, when you have a sound knowledge of the English language, you are considered a gentleman which may not be necessary. However, you can not stop people from making perceptions about you. You can not impose yourself on the people. Nonetheless, you can make a great difference by showing what is required in terms of lifestyle, knowledge, communications, clothes, etc.

Nowadays, if you are looking for making a career in Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing, there also, have to deal with the English Language. No Client wants to compromise on the quality of work. And, if you make mistakes with spellings and content, you will not be able to make a mark in this sector too.

If you want to improve your typing speed in English, and you have a low level of English Language knowledge, it is going to be tough for you.

If you have a great command of the English language and you know how to communicate effectively, you can always make a way to make a great living anywhere.

Believe me English is empowering language. It gives unlimited power to its user. Having sound knowledge of the English Language is kind of possessing a superpower. A superpower that helps you achieve a lot.

Not only you can help yourselves by getting a good knowledge of the English Language but you can help others as well in many ways.

How do you think, I have been able to write all this content on this page. Well, because I can think in English and can deliver the same.

It is really important to think in English as it becomes tough to make a conversation if you are thinking in another language and trying to speak English.

Considering all the above, we are trying to extend Free English Classes to the maximum number of learners within our limited means. If you are interested, fill the above-mentioned form.

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